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Enterprise Surveillance

Flexible. Secure. Powerful.


Our Enterprise Surveillance solution goes beyond traditional camera and DVR or NVR solutions.

Cameras that connect to cloud-based management systems like Cloud Video Management Systems (VMS), and storage, reduce the equipment on site and introduce powerful analytics features.

This flexible solution can combine the power of advanced analytics and cloud-based infrastructure with your current or future surveillance equipment.

Whether a business has existing cameras or requires new cameras, the Digicel Enterprise Surveillance solution can be used.

Businesses in all sectors today use surveillance systems, but many are outdated or unable to provide analytics which introduces gaps and risks to a business. Making the most of the existing investment is useful to most business entities.

Why Use Enterprise Surveillance?


Improve cash flow

Manage costs by paying for the equipment, storage and  analytics in a predictable monthly cost.


Managed Solution

Drive cost efficiencies by outsourcing end to end  management to Digicel’s technical experts allowing in-house IT staff to focus on business.


Service Guarantee

99.99% site availability is delivered through centralized  managed service team, using proactive alarms.


Premier Partner

Managed VSaaS is offered using best-of-breed products  from our partners.


analytics logo.svg


Dashboards with analytics help you protect, optimize and  grow your business.


Issue Monitoring

Enables monitoring of more issues such as crowd  detection, heat mapping, object detection or removal alert and linger detection.


Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics like smart video search add value to  your day-to-day operations.


Camera Options

You can use your existing cameras or choose from a variety of cloud based cameras. 


Dashboards & Alerts

Alerts, dashboards and centrally managed software  maximize solution effectiveness. 

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