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Mobile Voice

Fast, Reliable, Secure Network Coverage


Communicate effectively, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Digicel Business’ Mobile Voice solutions enable communication on the go.

With extensive network reach and many different packages and bundles, these solutions provide the best option for high-quality calls between mobile cellular phones.

Why Use Mobile Voice?

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Manage Costs

Easily manage communication costs and enjoy cost savings using preferred roaming rates and plans.


Reliable Networks

Reliable networks, offering fast Internet speed and voice quality.


Ability to scale

Ability to easily scale corporate plans based on business needs.


Dedicated Support

Digicel offers 24/7 dedicated customer care support. 


Roaming Partners

Accessibility to a wide range of roaming partners.



Scalable Plans

Mobile Voice solutions offer scalable employee plans which allow for customisation to each user’s needs meaning you get the best value for your spend.



Digicel’s network is expansive and reliable, offering coverage even in many very remote areas. 


Flexible Billing

Billing options are flexible, allowing for credit limits to better keep costs in check. 


Roaming Partnerships

Our roaming partnerships across the globe means that we offer connectivity in 150 countries internationally.

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