4G Wifi

Papua New Guinea
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No. So long as you have an active data SIM, all you need to do is assemble the devise (follow the guide, straight forward), insert the SIM and you can connect to the internet right away. Its plug and play.


The default WiFi name is called the SSID and the password is referred to as the WiFi-Key. They both are printed at the base of the router.

Yes, you can and it is highly recommended you do. In order to do that follow the user guide. Or if you misplaced the router here is the quick step:

1.         Switch on the Router and connect to it

2.         Open a web browser (IE or Chrome) and type this IP address ( into the address bar.

3.         Log in to the admin portal using the default admin credentials printed also at the base of the router. Default username: admin. Default password: admin

4.         On the dashboard click Wireless tab, and under Wireless Settings go to SSID section. You can change the Network Name and Password and click save.


Yes you can. There are two LAN pots you can us to connect to two devices located at the back of the router. If you need to connect to more wired devices, you can us a switch.


Yes you can. Go to the admin dashboard and under the Wireless tab, disable the Wireless access and save changes.

No, the device is locked to Digicel’s network only.

This router can support up to 14 connected device. For optimum speed, Digicel PNG recommends 4 concurrent usages.

The battery life is up to 4hrs continued usage. Battery life without usage can be up to 4 days.

Yes, you can. So long as the SIM is added to the APN

Yes, three months. Terms and Conditions applies.

WiFi speed up to 300Mbps ON 2.4Ghz frequency