Closed User Groups (CUG)




How It Works
CUG members can include mix of Digicel mobile (Prepaid and Post-paid) and Digicel fixed line numbers.
All Calls to CUG members are free
Free unlimited SMS to CUG Members
Prepaid users in CUG are required to dial *949 to benefit from prepaid promotions.
Regular rates will apply to calls and text made to numbers outside the CUG.
Bundle allotments (data & voice) can only be used by the DigiOFFICE device and not accessible to CUG members.
Anywhere Bundle minutes used when calling local fixed & mobile plus USA, Canada and UK fixed, Spain (landline), China & India, Digicel Regional/Caribbean territories.

Potential for businesses/companies to make significant savings on calls made.
Easy budgeting for businesses/companies due to fixed subscription fee
Prevents use of company’s phone allowance for non business calls.