Closed User Group

Closed User Groups (CUG)

Digicel Business provides closed user groups specifically designed to suit your business needs. Digicel Business closed user groups allow a specified group to make unlimited calls to each other and the assigned numbers you choose for one low, monthly, flat-rate fee. You’ll know exactly what your communications spend will be.

Your business teams will be able to make unlimited calls while setting credit limits for postpaid accounts. Add prepaid, postpaid, mobile and business accounts as you like, so your team can make both business and personal calls.


Key advantages of a CUG for your business:


  • Reduce call costs with one flat monthly fee
  • Control costs across employee base
  • Improve team communications and collaboration
  • Increase productivity
  • Simple to set up and use, no set up fee or hardware costs
  • Add prepaid, postpaid, mobile and business accounts
  • Set credit limits for postpaid accounts
  • Allow unlimited calls to group members
  • 24/7 help desk for support and problem resolution


Closed User Group