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Bring your business up to speed with Digicel 4G. Digicel’s 4G network is now the country's fastest, most advanced mobile network and will revolutionize the way your business stays connected while on-the-go.

Mobile Broadband

With Digicel Business’ 4G mobile broadband you can access the web as you would at your office while you are on the go! Connect your laptop or tablet to our 4G network through a Digicel Business 4G Dongle and get high speed wireless internet access anywhere island-wide. Digicel Business 4G Dongles can also facilitate laptop backups and redundant connections.

Closed User Groups (CUG)

Digicel Business provides closed user groups specifically designed to suit your business needs. Digicel Business closed user groups allow a specified group to make unlimited calls to each other and the assigned numbers you choose for one low, monthly, flat-rate fee. You’ll know exactly what your communications spend will be.


Mobile Device Management

Digicel Business Mobile Device Management provides you with a solution that makes it easy for you to monitor and manage devices. Users have a single-click access to all of their apps from a unified corporate app store and IT can easily configure, secure and support mobile devices giving users the freedom to experience work and life their way and giving business owners and IT manager’s peace of mind. A very popular services for businesses of all sizes.

Mobile Services