Fibre Broadband

Digicel Fibre to the Business is a state-of-the-art business solution that offers the latest technology for delivering incomparable high-speed data connectivity to the customers. It allows customers to access high-speed broadband data via Digicel’s future-proofed Fibre Optics Network. Connections via fibre optic cables instead of copper or coaxial cables enable businesses to receive the full spectrum of the world of data-information, communication and entertainment, without limits.


We are offering a reliable & consistent service that you can depend on – Businesses can rest assure that internet connections will remain stable regardless of the weather outside.


Key advantages of fibre broadband services from Digicel Business:


  • Greater Capacity: Today's business owners are using technologies that require large bandwidth. Fibre optics is the only medium that can supply the current and continually growing bandwidth demand.

  • Greater Reliability: Fibre is made of glass, therefore it is not affected by certain weather conditions, such as lightning. It does not degrade due to weathering.

  • Cost Effective: High speeds allow a more cost-effective method to transmit large amounts of data to everyone's business. This eliminates delays in file transfers, loading of web pages, streaming of videos. It provides what you need when you need it, without the expense of time.

  • Future-Proof: Upgrades, if ever needed, only involve the electronics at the end and does not require replacing the fibre optics cable.