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How it Works?

  1. Just register your details.
  2. One of our team will give you a call, wherever you are in the world.
  3. Our agent will talk you through the options and start the process.
  4. When you get on the island, your agent will deliver your Sim.


Why Digicel for your mobile?

  • Hassle free - your sim will be ready when you arrive on the island, so you can be up and running in minutes.
  • No commitment - you have a lot of decisions to make and we want to make this one easy, that is why we offer you a 30 day rolling plan so you can get connected straightaway and change your plan once you are here if needs be.
  • Best value - with plans from $29 a month plus, unlock your current mobile before you come and you can use it here at no extra cost, so all you pay for is your plan of minutes, texts and data.
  • Fastest 4G network - we know you want to share those pictures of the beach and keep in touch with family when you arrive, make this a bit easier by using the fastest data network.

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