Your Challenges

Whatever size your company is, team up with Digicel Business to overcome your business challenges. As the region’s leading full-service business solutions partner, we can give you the expertise, products and services you need, so you can focus on your business.

Workforce on the move
Your challenge: Your staff are always out and about.
  • Messages, calls and opportunities get missed
  • Not all of your company’s vital business data is remotely accessible
  • Productivity decreases
Our solution: Network Services
Put the office at their fingertips.

Network Failure
Your challenge: Your network connection sometimes lets you down.
  • Business gets missed
  • Revenues and productivity drops
  • Customer confidence gets damaged
Our solution: Network Services
Enjoy the most secure connection available through our global partnerships.

Communications Management
Your challenge: Your IT staff get tied up trouble-shooting, monitoring and managing your IT and communications systems.
  • You need them to concentrate on other areas
  • They don’t fully understand the systems they are managing
  • They haven’t got time to continuously monitor all your company’s communications
Our Solutions: Managed Services
Free up your IT staff, and let us take care of all your hardware and software requirements. 

In-efficient systems
Your Challenge:  Your company uses multiple devices, platforms and applications.
  • Information gets lost
  • Time is wasted checking duplicated messages
  • Operational efficiency suffers
Our Solutions: Enterprise Solutions
Streamline your IT and communications systems to save time and money.

Lack of Support

Your challenge: You aren’t sure how to get the best out of your IT and communications systems.
  • You are not fully utilizing the systems you have
  • You are missing opportunities to improve operation efficiencies
  • You are not getting the best return on your IT and communications spend
Our Solution: Customer Service
Enjoy 24/7 support to help you make the most of your communications investments.