International Private Line Services

Enjoy greater volumes & bigger savings with your own private network
This solution provides dedicated, managed, point-to-point connectivity from the Caribbean to locations throughout the globe. Our service is designed to enable enterprises meet their connectivity requirements better, by providing end-to-end access to the customer premises at various international destinations that need connectivity.
Digicel’s International Private Line Services (IPLS) is a core element of our service portfolio and remains a premium choice of establishing enterprise global connectivity.
  • Delivered over Digicel's state of the art backbone network
  • One stop shop for global connectivity through our partner network of Tier One suppliers
  • Ubiquitous transport for all telecommunications traffic types, including voice, data and video
  • Professionally Monitored 24/7 for your Business from our Managed Services Centre
  • Providing industry leading SLA’s

Take your company to the next level with Digicel IPLS. Contact Us to find out how.