Domestic Private Line Services

Enjoy greater volumes and bigger savings with your own private network
Moving data is serious business, whether information is flowing from the a branch office to headquarters or from headquarters to Data Centre or to a disaster recovery (DR) location. If you need absolute reliability and security, a dedicated circuit offering an end-to-end solution is the right choice for your business. Digicel’s Domestic Private Line Service (DPLS) offers a secure, dedicated service with the flexibility required for your most sensitive traffic. 

The DPLS service can be additionally configured to add data path protection to provide high levels of resilience to ensure maximum availability.

  • Delivered over Digicel’s world-class backbone network
  • Support a range of interfaces from electrical to optical
  • Protocol independent transport for all telecommunications traffic types, including voice, data and video
  • Scalable for growth
  • Professionally monitored 24/7 support from our Managed Services centre
  • Providing industry leading SLA’s

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