Dedicated Internet Access

Reliable, high quality internet connectivity for your business
Greater connectivity at a lower cost
Enjoy the benefits of a single, unshared line directly into the Digicel Business Network. Our network meets stringent corporate security requirements for data encryption, information integrity and confidentiality.
A high-speed connection wherever you are
Not just limited to your HQ, this service gives you secure transmissions and reliable downloads in every country Digicel Business has a presence. 
Satisfaction guaranteed
This service is backed by our leading service level agreement (SLA) ensuring any business the best response time in case of technical difficulties.

  • Quality dedicated internet business connection
  • Guaranteed service speed and bandwidth
  • Consistent high performance service delivery
  • Gives your business the highest level of data security
  • Uses world class internet infrastructure
  • Providing industry leading SLA's ensuring maximum availability

Bring your business up to speed with Dedicated Internet Access.
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