M2M Vehicle Services

Secure and optimise your fleet
Imagine getting a complete, up-to-the-minute picture of all your fleet vehicles, whether you’re at your desktop computer, on your tablet or using your smartphone. With Digicel Vehicle Services, you get just that.
How? By tapping into all the vehicle and driver behavioral data at your fingertips to make smarter and more timely decisions that improve your operational efficiency and minimize costs. Putting your mind at ease, knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times gives you the power to make time and money-saving decisions easily.

  • Track the location of your fleet vehicles in real time, 24 hours a day from anywhere
  • Use across multiple devices; smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Increase fleet productivity while enhancing customer service
  • Powerful "fully featured" reporting engine
  • Manage and track fuel usage, speed, mileage and vehicle diagnostics
  • Set customizable alerts
  • Instant crash alerting and reporting
  • Analyze driver behaviour scores
  • Reduce unauthorized vehicle use

Connect with your fleet anytime anywhere with Digicel Vehicle Services. Contact Us to find out how.