M2M Smart Metering

Driving accuracy and efficiency into your business
Digicel Business Smart Metering can be used by utilities suppliers to facilitate a wide range of applications in the field of remote meter reading, customer relationship management, demand-side management and value-added services. Smart meters make it possible to engage with consumers in innovative ways and deliver a higher level of customer service.
Smart metering enables utility suppliers to provide for new pre-paid energy services that can be offered to customers who lack the funds for an up-front deposit or high prepayments. Our solution platform is designed to take away the complexities and cost of deployment by automating provisioning, billing and other logistics processes.
  • Eliminates manual meter reading
  • Reduces labor and fleet costs
  • Provides real time demand data
  • Automatically identify grid faults and outages
  • Helps utilities optimize operational costs
  • Reduces bad debt & improves cash flow
  • Reduces bill enquiries, improving customer service

Drive more efficiency into your business with Digicel Smart Metering. Contact Us to find out how.