Cloud Telephony

Enjoy high-end functionality without the CapEx costs

No hassle maintenance 
With Digicel Business Cloud Telephony, you have all you actually need; the telephone receivers, functions and service, without having to manage the actual equipment. Let us take care of maintaining, upgrading and trouble-shooting your systems.
Use our centralised system
Enjoy access to cutting-edge features, and the greater speeds and efficiencies usually only available to larger enterprises. You’ve no initial outlay on expensive hardware; simply lease the components you need. And, as your business grows, you simply scale up your network.
Increase productivity
As your calls can be routed, managed and logged more effectively, you’ll lessen the chances of lost business and maximise your operational efficiencies. 

  • Saves buying expensive, depreciating equipment
  • Installed in days versus weeks
  • Reduces your IT overheads
  • Includes maintenance and upgrades
  • Increases call capacity
  • Improves productivity and customer experience
  • Lessens the chance of missed business opportunities
  • 24/7 helpdesk provides continuous support

Take your business to the Cloud with Digicel Cloud Telephony. Contact Us to find out how.