Mobile Device Management

The revolutionary way to mobilize your business
Mobility is a top priority for organizations. More than ever employees are demanding access to apps and data that will make them productive on-the-go. Now, employees want this access from any mobile device, including their own personal devices.
In addition, today apps that people need to get their jobs done have expanded beyond mobile email to a wide variety including: Windows applications, datacenter access, web and native mobile apps. However, for IT, allowing users to access all of their apps and data from untrusted devices raises significant security and compliance concerns.

Digicel Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides you with a solution that makes it easy for you to monitor and manage devices.

  • Keep personal and business information separate
  • Gives users device and app choice while ensuring compliance
  • Enables workforce mobility
  • Delivers productivity apps that users love and IT departments embrace
  • Enables businesses by allowing simple, scalable and anywhere access to apps
  • Provides advanced apps and data controls to keep users happy while assuring content security for IT
  • Reduces costs as employees use their own devices

Increase your workforce mobility with Digicel Mobile Device Management. Contact Us to find out how.